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“Roslyn” CTP and Nemerle
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F# Weekly #17, 12222 – .NET for Apache Spark & Meta-Programming With Myriad And Falanx

Get support. Learn MPS. Customer Experience. Join our customers Experts from different industries benefit from the flexible Domain-specific languages enabled by MPS. Thanks for your request! Community forum Language repository. IsReferenceType ;.

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Advanced samples. Constructor-over injection or new in constructor. Verify declarative [Attribute] composition. Assembly, GetType.

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AddReference assembly ; Array. ImportNamespace namespace ; Console. WriteLine engine. ScriptCS execution sample.

Review: Metaprogramming in .NET · Ted Neward's Blog

Runtime T4 creates C code. Roslyn compiles assembly. Roslyn creates submission. Net App Domain.

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Note about "Code-as-Data" Roslyn vs. MEF Roslyn vs. Note about "Dynamic" programming Roslyn vs. Corner cases.

Practical Meta-Programming - Vladimir Panteleev - DConf2017

Roslyn CTP license limitations. Compile-time metaprogramming using macros You can think about macros as of a system of compile-time transformations and automatic generation of code with regard to some rules by Nemerle. Design by contract. Compile-time validation.